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What is Retail Radio UK?

A network of six low-cost retail radio background music services for stores, charity shops, market stalls, barbers, hospitality, pubs, bars, retail & leisure businesses to save you money by using quality music that is not subject to PRS/PPL licencing. We are the UK's premium retail and workplace music station for Creative Commons music. You will not have to pay PRS fees any more or have to 'take a chance'.

Retail Radio UK uses

You wouldn't believe how much of a game-changer background music can be for businesses like shops, workplaces, market stalls, and even charity shops. It's like the secret sauce that adds that extra flavour to the whole vibe. Let's break it down!

Music For Shops Stores Cafes & Bars

Firstly, think about walking into your favourite store. What's the first thing you notice? The ambiance, right? Music plays a huge role in setting the mood. Upbeat tunes can pump up the energy, get people going, and create a positive atmosphere. Imagine strolling into a shop with dead silence – it’d be like, "Hello, awkward silence, my old friend." This maybe not the best impression?

But it's not just about making things feel cool and trendy, believe it or not, music can make us spend more money! Seriously! When the right tunes are playing, it can make us feel happier, more relaxed, which can lead to us staying longer and so buying more products. It's like a subtle nudge that makes us feel good and more likely to open our wallets.

Music For The Workplace

Now, the workplace is another story. Picture this: you're at your desk, drowning in a pile of work or in a barn of a warehouse and there's just this never-ending silence. Ugh, right? But cue some tunes, and suddenly, it’s like your mood gets a 180-degree u-turn. Music can boost productivity and creativity. It's like a productivity hack without all the technical jargon. Some studies even say that music helps people focus better, so can be a win-win.

Music For Market Stalls

Even in market stalls, have you noticed those vendors playing music while selling their goods? It's not just background noise; it's a strategy! Music can attract customers, make them feel more comfortable, and guess what? Happy customers are more likely to buy stuff, plus, it helps create a cool atmosphere that gets people talking and coming back for more.

Music For Charity Shops

And let’s not forget about charity shops. With no expensive PRS licence to pay, they might not be in it for the big bucks, but they're in it for a good cause and music can totally amplify the whole experience. It creates a welcoming environment that invites people to come in, check things out, and maybe even donate or support the cause. It's like setting the stage for a feel-good shopping spree where everyone wins.

6 Separate Music Channels

But hold up, not all music works the same magic. Choosing the right tunes is like finding the perfect seasoning for a dish. It's gotta match the vibe and the audience. You wouldn't blast heavy metal in a spa, right? Well, unless it's a spa for headbangers! Choose from Ambient, Dance, Electronic, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter and change with the click of a mouse.

So, summing it up, music isn't just some background noise. It's like the magician behind the curtains, creating the perfect atmosphere, boosting sales, productivity, and making everything way more awesome. It's a small detail that can make a big difference in the business world.

What is included?

Six quality password-protected advert-free stations, licenced for commercial use, and not liable for royalties. You can print an organisation specific, certificate stating that all music played through our services is Creative Commons licenced.

Working like a push-button radio, each station brings a different atmosphere. The music is sourced from respected creative commons repositories & exposure-seeking artists. You help them find audiences & save money at the same time!

PRS/PPL licence exempt!

All music streamed on our radio stations is licenced under Creative Common Licences that permit commercial use. The licence for each individual track is displayed while it is playing.

Here is more information on Creative Commons Licences

Very Affordable

From £8 / $10 / €10 / month depending on the square metres of sales area.  Just send photos of the sales area and it's square metres/feet. Special rates for registered charities and social enterprises.

Runs on any modern internet-connected device, in a browser.

Works with Android Phones, iPhones, Tablets, Laptops. PCs, MACs, Linux etc. that are connected to speakers and the internet..

No repeats all day!

Our custom software produces unique playlists, every night, with no repeated tracks.


Free 7-day trial available for bone fide businesses, charities etc.

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